May 14, 2010

At today’s clinic 7 dogs and 13 cats were spayed/neutered. How many lives were saved? Potentially thousands! (See Spay/neuter saves lives post.)

Truman & Jessica

Jessica Garza brought her small black dog Truman to be neutered because she “Doesn’t want puppies.”  She learned about the s/n clinic from Craig’s list.  She then called and also found the website.


Dawn Burgess brought her 8 month old dog Myla to the s/n clinic to help “keep the [animal] population down.” She found Myla on and had done an internet search and learned about the clinic through our website.

Riley, Machida, King Tut & Jessica

Jessica Arrington, who lives in Monticello Village, said, “I’ve always known it’s [spay/neuter] the right thing to do.”  She brought her 3 cats, Riley, Machida, and King Tut to the clinic.  Jessica learned about our clinic through her neighborhood newsletter and also said that her vet at Owl Creek mentioned the s/n clinic. She reported that her cats “don’t go outside but that you never know.”

Cash & Diane

Cash was brought to the clinic by his owner Diane Wright.  He is about 18 months old and Diane said that, “he is a jumper and I am afraid he will go out and have some fun.”  Diane learned about the clinic from one of our fliers.  She lives about 2 blocks from today’s clinic site.

Belle & Brittany

Brittany Carter brought her 2 year old cat Belle to be spayed.  She received one of our fliers and reports that being spayed will “keep her healthy.”

Lora Hicks also received our flier.  She brought in 2 feral cats and reported that “our neighborhood is overrun with ferals.”


Tabatha and Andrew Pacheco brought in 1 year old Clover.  They learned about the clinic from Freecycle and reported that Clover “gets out a lot and we don’t have the means to provide for puppies.”

Tricia Duncan lives in the neighborhood and learned about the clinic because a flier was left on her car.  She brought Chibi who is about 2 years old.  Chibi became hers after she agreed to watch him for an acquaintance for one week, so that the original owner could visit her spouse who was stationed in Guam.  When the owner did not return after one week, Tricia and her husband called Guam and learned that the original owner did not plan on returning.  So, Chibi officially joined Tricia’s family.   Tricia said that when she was younger she volunteered at an animal shelter and knows how many animals are there.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people and pets who joined us this morning!


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