May 28, 2010

Once again,there was a great turnout of people and pets!

Delores Boerner brought her son’s cat named Red Red to be neutered.  She said, “Cats should not be running around.  About 3 years ago I found homes for 37 kittens and took the money I received and had the parents of the kittens fixed.  I have 3 cats and they are all fixed.”  Delores met our volunteers Jeana and Karen at the Glenwood Park civic league meeting Tuesday, May 18.

Holly Freedman brought Pismo to be neutered today.  He is a cute white shaggy-looking dog who is guilty of mounting the cat. She received one of our fliers.

Gypsy is a boxer/lab mix.  Owner Ken Bryant says that Gypsy is in heat and he wants “no puppies and does not want to fill the pound up.”  Ken rescued another dog, a terrier, in Texas and that dog is neutered.  He received our flier and also passed the flier around to his neighbors.

Kim Timmons brought her white cat with different colored eyes, Bella, to be spayed.  She said, “I don’t want kittens running around.  There are too many strays and I don’t want more strays.” She learned about our clinic on Craigslist.

Ms. Price brought her miniature pincher Gigi to be spayed.  She came today because there are, “tons and tons of dogs who reproduce and don’t have homes.”

Adrianne Harris reports, “There are too many cats, but because of these free clinics I am slowly getting one colony [population] down.”

Krystal Balance came with her grandfather and his cat Frenchie.  She said,” My grandfather does not want kittens and there are too many cats out there.”

Tonya Feeder brought Cobbee a Yorkie to be neutered.  She said, “He is kind of crazy and is a loose wire.  I want no puppies and also want to save my house from his behavior.”

Tabatha Pacheco returns to her second clinic today with her dog Princess.  She does not want princess to have puppies as it will be “better for her and for me.”  (Tabatha brought her dog Clover to the last clinic.)

Kevin Morrow received a flier on his military housing unit.  He wants his cat Tinky to “live longer and not go into heat.”

In addition to thanking all of the people who brought their animal companions to the clinic, we want to thank a very flexible PETA clinic staff!  They took all the extra (not on the schedule) cats that arrived.  So, in total, 7 dogs and 16 cats were spayed/neutered.


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