June 11, 2010 Clinic

Another great clinic day – 7 dogs and 14 cats spayed/neutered!

Rhianon with Baby and Edie with Princess

Edie Elings and her daughter, Rhianon Tesmer, brought their dogs Princess and Baby to be spayed this morning. Princess and Baby are mother and daughter, too.  They learned about the clinic at the Glenwood Park bazaar a few weeks ago when they saw a flier.  Edie said, “I don’t want any more litters.  It is too hard to get rid of all the puppies.”

Amanda & Dixie

Amanda Hunt brought her schnauzer Dixie to be spayed. She learned about our clinic from a friend who lives in Lincoln Military housing. She came today because, “it’s too overpopulated with animals [in our area].”


Keena, a good looking pitbull, came with her owner Donna Harrell to be spayed.  Donna said she found out about our clinic through Craig’s List.  Keena is about 1 years old and Donna said, “There are too many animals in the pound, especially of this breed.” Donna lives in Oakdale Farms.


Jimmy Frost brought 2 cats this morning: Valentine, who has “no love for people,” and Pompeii. He helps Fran Cook and all the cats in the area.

Baby & Oliver

Erin Harvey brought her yorkie Baby to be spayed and Oliver the dachshund mix to be neutered.  These 2 dogs live together and Erin wants “no puppies.” Erin and her husband, Mike, saw our flier and are from one of our neighborhoods–Lincoln Military housing.


Deidre Myers brought her dog Max and her cat Bananas to be neutered.  She reported that she rescued Max from an abusive situation.  Max has lived with her about 4 months and now sleeps with her and her husband…taking up most of the bed space. Deidre learned about the clinic through Freecycle.  She lives in Lincoln Military housing and said that because Max is partially chow he has to be neutered—new community rules.


She hopes that Bananas’ temperament will improve after being neutered.

Ralph Burton brought 2 feral cats from the Oakdale Farms neighborhood.  He said that his wife has already trapped and had 2 cats spayed/neutered at one of our earlier clinics.  He said that they are trying hard to trap 2 males who roam around the whole neighborhood.  Maybe for next time!


Michelle Reiner said that their cat Suki was a 2009 Christmas gift.  She reported that Suki is “driving me crazy and coming into heat.”  She learned about our clinic from her neighbor in the Ben Morrell area who had her cat attend our last clinic.

Thanks again to the great people (volunteers, citizens, clinic staff) and pets who make these clinics possible.


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