June 25, 2010 Clinic

Clinic check-in

A very full ABC van today: Just what we like to see!

7 dogs and 18 cats arrived to be spayed or neutered this morning.

Key Key

Lorrell Tanner returned this morning with her kitten Key Key, who was too small to be neutered at the June 11 clinic but was all set for today. Key Key was one of three very cute orange male tabby kittens neutered at today’s clinic.


Key Key joined Murphy, who came with another family, on the clinic bus early in the morning.


Our very first patient of the morning was Walter, who came with Roxanne Davis. Walter was in good spirits and looked very handsome with his recent haircut.

Candi's rescued cats

Candi Castle has been assisting with a hoarding situation. She and a friend have rescued nearly all of the 18 cats residing in a very tiny house, and several of the cats from this home have benefited from our earlier clinics. Candi brought one adult cat – who has been adopted into a new, safe home! – and three kittens to today’s clinic.

Trish & Maverick

Trish Janssen brought her big black dog, Maverick, to be neutered. She learned about our clinic from Craigslist.  Maverick has already gotten his girlfriend pregnant and Trish wants him fixed so there are no more accidents.


In addition to Maverick and his girlfriend, Trish adopted a stray dog found near her friend’s house. We are so happy to be able to help this growing family.

Teddy & family

Benita Davis read about our clinic in the Compass. She brought her dog Teddy to be neutered. She hopes that the surgery will help him to be calmer as he has started to mark his territory. She also said, “I don’t want Teddy to reproduce and cause any more animals. There are absolutely too many animals.”

Margaret Sizemore brought in her three cats and her friend’s dog, Ellie, today for surgery. She received our flier at the Glenwood Park bazaar. Margaret said that there are “many reasons to have these animals spayed and neutered.” She wants no kittens or puppies and wants all of these animals to live longer lives.


Junior, a gray and white pit, was so excited about today, he drove himself to the clinic! Actually, he was brought by his owner Denzy Johnson. Denzy lives in our targeted neighborhood and learned about our clinic through a flier. She wants Junior to be neutered and “have an extended lifespan.”


Apryl McWhirter received a clinic flier on her military housing door. She brought Cody in to be neutered.  She said that “Cody is humping and we don’t want any puppies.”

Ryo & Haru

Laura Weiler learned about our clinic through Freecycle.  Her two cats are a pair, and she and her husband do not want any kittens.  Laura said that she had been worried about the costs of getting both of their cats fixed, and when she read about our clinic she signed up!

Zechariah (previously Esther)

Our third orange tabby was brought by Kim Johnson. “Esther” turned out to be a boy, and is now Zechariah.

I'm a boy!

Kim received clinic details from a friend who had printed information from our website.  Kim said that this was her first animal and that she did not want any more animals.


Michelle Prichard utilized our clinic for the second time by bringing her cat Smokey. At the June 11 clinic. Michelle brought her other cat Munster. Thanks for returning, Michelle!

Thanks, too, to everyone who participated today. Pet overpopulation and homelessness is a community problem, and participation in spay/neuter programs is an essential part of finding a solution.


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