July 9, 2010 Clinic

Glenwood Park Civic League yard

Glenwood Park Civic League yard

For out sixth clinic, we moved to the Glenwood Park neighborhood off Hampton Boulevard.

Neighborhood dogs filled the clinic’s canine slots, but there was only a small showing for Glenwood Park cats. We know you’re out there, kitties!

While spay/neuter is important for all companion animals, it is especially important for cats, who have higher euthanasia numbers at shelters, especially during the warm months (aka “kitten season”).

Charles & Daisy

Charles Methvin filled a last minute cancellation (why cancel? it’s free!) and brought his white Shih Tzu, Angel, to be  spayed. Daisy, who is also part of Charles’ family, is already spayed but came to support Sugar on her big day.

Sugar May

Charles’ Sugar joined another Sugar at the clinic that day: Amy May brought her own Sugar to be spayed. Sugar May has another canine companion  and two bunnies at home.

Speaking of sweet treats, Andrea Menture brought her cat Fluffernutter to be neutered. Andrea does


not want him to get her other cat pregnant and plans to bring her younger cat to the next clinic to be spayed.

We’ve been very happy to see repeat “customers” for our clinics. Lindsay Harding  returned to have her dog, Levi, and cat, Sailor, neutered. She participated in our first clinic in April where she had her dog Kira spayed. Thanks for your support, Lindsay!

Eric with Boris & Luke

Eric Alibangbang brought his handsome dogs, Boris and Luke, to be neutered. He does not want them mating with other dogs.

Echoing this sentiment was Jenifer Bashum, who brought her terrier mix, Lady, to be spayed. Jennifer does not want Lady to have any puppies.


There are many benefits to spaying and neutering our companion animals. Aside from helping to reduce overpopulation (and ultimately euthanasia), we can help them live better lives. Sameerah Brown brought her gorgeous little girl, Shala, to be spayed. Sameerah said that Shala cries to much when she is in heat and she just wants her to be happier.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the clinic!


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