July 23, 2010 Clinic

clinic bus

Another busy morning: 29 surgeries total! Ten dogs and 19 cats were spayed/neuter at today’s clinic.

Amid the commotion of check in and paperwork, there was a runaway dog who took our attention away (so we have fewer details about our clinic participants).

Angel & Daisy

Angel (white Shih Tzu), who was spayed at the last clinic, came back with her friend Daisy for routine vaccinations. While waiting, Angel decided she’d rather be home and took off down the street! Lucky for us, Angel is a smart dog and stopped right at her own house.

Daisy & Angel on the go

After a little coaxing, Angel returned to the clinic with Daisy, and both left up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Today’s clinic brought more neighborhood cats. We knew they were out there! Becky Ward received a flyer and brought her cat Knuckles to be neutered.

Schnitzel & Sormy

Also getting neutered were neighborhood pooches, Buster, Schnitzel, and Stormy. Schnitzel and Stormy came with Joe and Jennifer Jones whose family received a flyer.


Buster’s girlfriend Heidi had puppies this summer, so we hope to get her into one of our clinics soon!


One mama dog who did come today was Chelsie, who recently had puppies. All of the puppies have homes, and we’re counting on their people to do the right thing and get them spayed/neutered.

Sasha & Adrianne

Chelsie was joined by another pretty girl, Sasha, who came with her person Adrianne Crisp.

Joining us today, too, were dedicated TNR folks, helping to humanely control the feral and homeless cat population.

Thanks to everyone for waiting patiently in the heat and humidity!


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