August 6, 2010 Clinic

August 6, 2010

We had an early start to the day, with many people arriving before the 8:00 check in time.

Kim & Genny

Our first arrival was Kim Price and her Min Pin Genny. Kim believes, “There are enough dogs without homes in our area.  There are too many unwanted dogs in our shelters. I tell everyone I know who wants to buy a puppy to check the city’s shelters first.  There are plenty of full breed animals in the shelters.”

Kim had another dog, Gigi, spayed at an earlier clinic.  She said, “After Gigi was spayed, she went from being a hellion to a lovey, loveable dog.  Before Gigi was spayed she was like ‘whatever’ toward people and now is so loveable-always wanting to be a lovey-dovey dog.”  Kim hopes that Genny, who she has nicknamed “Screecher,” will calm down after her surgery today.

Charles, Salvacion, & Princess

Salvacion Bond brought her dog Princess to be spayed so that she has no puppies. Salvacion and Princess came with their friend, Charles, who had his dog Angel spayed at a previous clinic.

Suzanne & Zoe

Suzanne Collis came with her dog Zoe.  Suzanne said that at first she wanted Zoe to have puppies but then realized there are too many dogs everywhere and decided to have Zoe spayed.

Robert & Wolf

Robert Carter brought Wolf to be neutered saying, “We don’t need any more dogs.”


We aim to make clinics convenient for the communities in our target area, and today’s clinic couldn’t have been easier to attend for Beverly Brown and Daisy, who live just a few houses down the street. Beverly’s family gave Daisy a home when her previous people moved. Daisy is a good girl, and Beverly doesn’t want her having puppies.

Jean with Princess & Baby

Also joining us were Shirley Simmons’ dogs Princess and Baby. Jean helped out by holding the girls as Shirley completed surgery consent forms.

The day wasn’t just about dogs, though! We had many cats joining us, some from the neighborhood and some from the kind and generous folks who work with feral colonies or help with abandoned and stray cats.


Patricia Cheruka took in Lily and Trapper after their mother, a neighborhood cat, died of possible poisoning.


These two sweeties are very lucky to have Pat on their side.

Susannah Watson and her mom Sue found a litter of kittens born to a feral mom who visits their property.


The mom is now spayed, and the Watsons are working on the kittens. They brought four cutie pie orange males – UC, Sixx, OS, and Pudding Pop – to be neutered today.


Kelly Dillow brought Darla, a pretty Calico whom she found dehydrated and very thin. Darla had kittens, who all now have homes.

Simmie Lee

Simmie Lee came from a  hoarder but is now in a foster home.

Many of today’s kitties need forever homes. Please visit ART’s adoption page for more information if you are interested in adding a feline friend to your family.


Lucky cats who already have  loving homes are Gsxr and Poppy.

Gsxr came with Stephanie Wallace to be neutered. He was a little nervous but came to the front of his carrier for this picture.



Poppy wasn’t nervous at all! He just relaxed in his carrier, waiting for his turn to get on board. He came with Tina Johnson, who believes he doesn’t need to make any kittens and hopes he calms down after surgery.

As always, thank you to all of the people and pets who participated in today’s clinic!

Please try to join us this Tuesday, August 10, from 5:00-8:00 pm at the 21st St. Moe’s in Ghent for a Dine & Donate fundraising event.


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