September 17, 2010 Clinic…Finally!

September 17, 2010 Clinic

After two cancellations, our September clinic (originally scheduled for August 20) finally happened!

The August 20 clinic had to be canceled at the last minute because the veterinarian was sick. After a round of early morning calls to very patient and understanding participants, we rescheduled the clinic for September, 3 … And then came Earl, Hurricane Earl that is. With safety in mind, the clinic had to be canceled and rescheduled again!


September 17 turned out to be a lovely fall morning, with nearly all of our original participants from August 20 in attendance.

Time for Princess to check-in

The first to arrive was Barry Dixon and his beautiful German Shepherd, Princess.

Also arriving bright and early were Donna Stevens are her cats Sage and Momma. Donna took both cats in when each became homeless. We’re very glad to be able to help those who are helping the many stray and abandoned cats in this area.


While many clinic participants bring their own pets, there are also a number of people like Donna who take care of homeless pets. Abandoned cats is a common theme, especially during the summer.


Heather Lynn brought her cat, Missy to be spayed, as well as Snookie, a neighborhood stray kitten who has been hanging around Heather’s house.


Target area residents (Oakdale Farms/Denby Park/Southern Shopping Center): Be like Heather! Feeding stray cats, while kind, does them no good in the long run if they are not spayed and neutered. If you are caring for a cat that is not technically “yours” but is friendly and could find a home, please have that cat spayed or neutered at one of our clinics.

Taz, Michelle, & Sylvester

Also helping neighborhood cats were Michelle Keith, who brought Taz and Sylvester, and Susannah Watson, who brought Duffy, Cleopatra, and BW.

Duffy, Cleopatra, & BW

Though cats compromised the majority of clinic patients, Princess was joined by other dogs of all shapes and sizes.


American Bulldog mix and all-around handsome guy, Cowboy, came with his family.

Calamity Jane

We also met Calamity Jane, a boxer. Her people have been following us on Facebook. Thanks!

Representing the puny pooches out there was Cindy Shaw, who came with her person Linda Shaw.

Linda & Cindy Shaw


Companion cats included Luna, with Tana Wright, and Little Bit, with Andrea Menture.

We don’t have pictures for everyone, but we want to be sure to thank all of the wonderful people and pets who joined us September 17.


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