Neuter Scooter

In Hampton Roads there are numerous options for low cost spay/neuter and veterinary care.

Just one of those options – and one that comes to you – is the Virginia Beach SPCA’s Neuter Scooter:

The “scooter” as it is sometimes fondly called, currently serves five locations and has been invited to serve two more.  It was purchased last October and launched on “Spay Day” in February of 2007, with the objective of providing low-cost veterinary services to pet owners in the community who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the necessary care their animals require.   As the name implies, the Neuter Scooter was designed to focus primarily on spaying and neutering the animals in order to continue preventing the overpopulation of felines and canines. (from

Today the Neuter Scooter will be at the Eastern Shore SPCA: 26528 Lankford Hwy., Olney, VA 23418.

A full schedule is available online or by calling 757-323-7729.


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