November 5, 2010 Clinic

November 5, 2010 Clinic

Today was our first cold weather clinic. We’ve gone from summer morning mugginess to the dawn dampness and chill of autumn.

The morning began with a feline fugitive! Gizmo Brady popped out of his carrier and quickly ran under a truck. Just as quickly, his person retrieved him and hurried him on to the clinic bus.


As with many of our clinic participants, Robert Masters found himself in the situation of caring for a cat with no home. Jessie showed up one day, making friends with Robert’s resident cat and looking for food. Robert slowly won Jessie’s trust and wants to be sure his new feline friend is healthy and safe.

A Casper kitty


Cheryl Casper took in a feral momma cat and her kittens and has been spaying/neutering the brood as she is able to catch them. Today she brought Target, Cleopatra, and Natalie for surgery.

Emily Johnson has also been caring for some of the stray cats in her neighborhood. Today she brought Summer, whom she found as a pregnant stray early in the summer, and Kitty.


Rosco was rescued from the trash (literally) when Jesse Chandler spotted a woman throwing away kittens. This cutie has a good life now, thanks to Jesse.


Though we had more cats in attendance, six dogs were spayed/neutered. The first to arrive was Gunner, a handsome American Staffordshire Terrier.

Abby came with Debra Martell. Abby was a little nervous with all of the unfamiliar people and pets around, so we couldn’t get a good picture to do this pretty girl justice.


Showing little dog love were Kim Luzo with Brooklyn, Ann Adams with Missy, and Valerie Abbot with Bounce.

Randy & Kitty


As the sun finally came out, Randy Denton and his Pit Bull mix, Kitty, arrived. Kitty came to Randy pregnant, and he wants to be sure she does not have another litter. Randy happened to see us at our last location and signed up for an appointment for this clinic.


Thank you to our patient (especially in the cold!) people and pets who are helping reduce companion animal overpopulation through spay/neuter.




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