November 19, 2010 Clinic

Northside Park

The November 19 clinic was held at the lovely Northside Community Park off Tidewater Drive. Our December 3rd and 10th clinics will also be held at this location.

Blackie & Taz

Among the early arrivals were Nina Winston with her cats Taz and Blackie. Nina said that seeing so many dogs and cats that morning was a “prime example of why everyone needs to spay/neuter their pets…there are just too many animals.”  She also said that we were a “blessing” offering this service. Thank you, Nina.


Joining Nina, Taz, and Blackie first thing in the morning were Amber Normanzin, her puppy, Gemma, and her cat, Morpheus. Amber always has her animals spayed/neutered, and, as a target area resident, took advantage of our program.

November 19 Clinic

The Aldrich family learned about our program after seeing us at the November 5 clinic. They brought their dogs, Charlie and Harley, because they do not want any litters to result from this pair.

Nell Beamon came by her cat, Boris, after his mother had a litter under Nell’s house. She used our program last summer in Ocean View to spay/neuter nine cats and has seen fewer strays in her neighborhood this summer.

Romeo & Kiera

Also taking in kittens from neighborhood strays were Melvin Charles and Yolanda Moore. They added Romeo and his sister, Kiera, to their family recently.

Though we were not able to get full stories and pictures from everyone, we were very happy to see 6 dogs and 18 cats spayed/neutered at the November 19, 2010 clinic.




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