December 3, 2010 Clinic

PETA SNiP truck

Another blustery morning in Northside Community Park!

Friday’s clinic utilized PETA’s SNiP (“Spay and Neuter Immediately, Please”) truck, the exterior of which features illustrations by “Mutts” cartoonist Patrick McDonnell and is adorned with a message from Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest and his pitbull pal, John Henry: “It’s a slam dunk: Have your dog spayed or neutered.” Eight people did just that!




Teddy’s person, Teresa, is moving, so he will go to live with her mom…with the stipulation that Teddy is first neutered.





Also getting help from her person’s parents is Luna. Her human “mom” is deployed, so she is living with her “grandparents” right now. Luna is a Chow mix who was adopted from a local shelter.

Other dogs coming for surgery were Princess and Sophie, Chloe, Priska, Nacho, and Goldie. Elizabeth Venneri, Goldie’s person, said, “We want Goldie spayed because we don’t want puppies.  There are too many stray dogs and too many animals are killed in the shelters.”

Cats were also well represented, with sixteen being spayed/neutered at Friday’s clinic.




Diane Nowoclien brought her cat, Spooby, to be neutered, “so he dies not impregnate the other strays in the neighborhood.”

Cathy Mathias brought Jake to be neutered. She has been working to control the feral cat population in her neighborhood through spay/neuter.


Jake was the offspring of one of Cathy’s ferals. As she socialized him for adoption, he stole her heart and is now a permanent resident at her home.



Baby Girl



Cynthia Hinson heard about us when she saw a flyer at her place of employment. She decided to take advantage of our service in her community and brought Baby Girl to be spayed.

Jamie Bravzello, who brought Tigger to be neutered, heard about us from her aunt, who works for the Norfolk SPCA.

As always, we thank the wonderful people and pets participating in our program. We are thankful, too, for permission to use Northside Park.

Too see more pictures from Friday’s clinic, please visit us on Facebook.


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