December 10, 2010 Clinic

12/10/10 Clinic

Our toes are still cold from yesterday’s clinic! Thankfully, the clinic truck has heat for all of the cats and dogs.

Arriving early with SpayHR volunteers was Clinton Yeutter with Rex, A Mininature Pinscher, and Hewy, a Miniature Poodle sporting a mohawk!

Rex & Hewy

With the very cold temperatures, Clinton had the boys wait in the car until the clinic was ready for them.


We saw more dogs on the small side with Amy Baker, whose French Bulldogs Jackie and Belle came to be spayed. (Belle needs to wait until January, so we’ll see her in 2011.) Last week, Amy brought her cats Snow and Baby Cat to be neutered/spayed.


Also rejoining us was the Kell family and their dog, Miley, a pretty Labrador mix. Miley was not so sure about getting on the clinic bus.


She was in good company, though, with Remi, a cute Pit Bull Terrier/Chow/Pomeranian mix, and Gizmo, both of whom were also reluctant patients.


Someone who was certainly not worried about the day’s events was Bella the Cocker Spaniel, who came with her person Rasheeda Brown-Jordan. Bella was all tail wags and sniffs for her new friends.

Oakdale Farms cats

While all of the dogs attending the clinic came with their own people, for cats, it was a different story. Most of the cats scheduled for surgery were community cats: strays who had been abandoned or simply aren’t being cared for and are left to depend on the kindness of strangers.

This is far too often the case and far too common a story at our clinics. Often, the people taking advantage of SpayHR clinics in their neighborhoods have found a cat or a cat has appeared at their home, so they take on the responsibility of caring for the animal.  This responsibility includes spay/neuter. We wish whoever originally cared for the cats had taken that step, too.



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