February 11, 2011 Clinic

Though the snow kept some of our community cats away (i.e., untrapped), we still saw 9 dogs and 8 cats at today’s clinic, our first in the Park Place/Lambert’s Point/ODU area of Norfolk.


The PETA ABC van was parked in the Let’s Go Pet Care parking lot.

Princess & Little Scarlet

Kenneth Willandt brought two of his cats, Princess and Little Scarlet. Kenneth had brought his dogs (“Sweet Dogs”) to the rabies clinic held at Let’s Go on January 30, and we were glad to see him return to take advantage of the spay/neuter clinic, especially as Princess has already been a mommy (Little Scarlet is her daughter).


The first cat of the day to arrive, though, was Tiger, a handsome orange tabby, who came with Sue Gates. Sue and Tiger won the drawing for a free bag of cat food! Our dog food winners were Chikari Britt and Velvet.


One of the most interesting stories of the morning came from Corey Portalatin-Berrien, who brought the simply named Cat. Cat has taken up residence with one of the Hope House Foundation teams in Norfolk. Initially feral and very wary of staff and residents, Cat is now well loved and taken care of by her own “team” of people. After today, she will also be spayed and vaccinated.



While most of the pets at today’s clinic were from Park Place, we saw a few from neighborhoods previously targeted by the Norfolk Pet Project. Chance’s person, David Santiago, saw one of our flyers on his car. They live in the Ocean View area. David gave Chance a “chance” when his previous person was going to take him to a shelter.

Our first dog of the day, Buster, was from the Oakdale Farms area, where we just finished holding clinics. Buster is a very active, excited young guy, so we couldn’t get a good picture of him.

We hope to continue seeing many dogs, cats (MORE cats, please, Park Place), and people at next week’s clinic. Thanks to Let’s Go for use of their parking lot.

For more pictures of the people and pets attending our clinics, please visit our Facebook page.


One thought on “February 11, 2011 Clinic

  1. I want to thank you for assisting me with neutering my two beagels (PP and Pepper) they have calmed down since we had this completed.

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