February 7, 2011 Clinic

Our final clinic to be held in Northside Community Park brought 19 animals: 6 dogs and 13 cats were spayed/neutered.


Today Margaret Turner brought Scrappy to be neutered. Previously, we neutered her other dog, Tucker, whom her family saved in Kentucky. While in Kentucky for a funeral, they saw that Tucker was about to be shot and thrown in a river! Now he is safe in Virginia with them…and his canine pal Scrappy.


Another dog duo taking advantage of our clinics was Faith and Gilbert. Both attended today’s clinic with their human Ann Crew.


Oreo & Sunshine

Feline friends Sunshine and Oreo came together, too, with their person Dorothy Velvin. Oreo is squished in the back of the cat carrier.






He’s a little hard to see in the picture, but Pooti’s there! He was found as a stray by Carol Miles, who is trying to rehome him.

Also providing a temporary home for a cat in need is Camille Berry. A friend of hers found Optimus in Norfolk but could not keep him. Camille is taking care of Optimus until her friend is able to do so.


We have enjoyed our time in the Oakdale Farms/Denby Park neighborhoods, though we wish more residents had participated in our FREE program. Many thanks to Northside Community Park for allowing our mobile clinic vans to use their parking lot for so many weeks. We now move to the Park Place (and adjoining) neighborhood in Norfolk, with the hope that we will see many people and pets working with us to reduce companion animal overpopulation and euthanasia.


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