February 18, 2011 Clinic

Clinic check-in

What a beautiful morning for saving lives!

Ms. Munchkin

We were very happy to see nearly twice as many cats at today’s clinic as compared to last week’s clinic. The first cat to arrive was Ms. Munchkin, a beloved member of Deborah Perry’s family. Deborah received one of our mailed announcements and is spreading the word to her friends and neighbors. (Thanks, Deborah!) She even got her neighbor’s cat, Pumpkin, on the schedule for today.


The first dog of the day was Eazy, the easy-going Chihuahua. He came with his human Cecil Gidddens, who also heard about our program via the mail. Eazy is actually Cecil’s wife’s dog, and Cecil’s other dog (“his” dog) is already neutered.

Sgt. Pepper

As always, many participants are helping community cats in a variety of ways. Cathy Mathias has been to previous clinics and returned today to have Sgt. Pepper neutered. Sharon Puryear brought Kitty Kitty, a neighborhood stray, to today’s clinic. She is trying to find Kitty Kitty a forever home. Unfortunately, Sharon has a neighbor who is NOT spaying and neutering, and the cat population continues to grow in her community.

Little Bit

Little Bit was delivered by her mom to Regina Floyd’s yard. Little Bit also needs a home of her own. Alice Levi brought two kittens, Little Gray and Tilly, who were born in her yard during one of the snow storms this winter. She and her family are trying to break the cycle of animal overpopulation by having these two kitties spayed.

For more pictures from today’s clinic, please visit our Facebook page.


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