February 24 & 25 2011 Clinics

Neuter Scooter

This week clinics were again held in the Let’s Go parking lot, but surgeries were contracted out through the Virginia Beach SPCA’s Neuter Scooter. As with PETA’s mobile clinics, we were delighted to work with such a wonderful staff. They even offered us a view of inside the clinic van! (Please visit our Facebook page for those pictures.)

On Thursday, 12 dogs and 6 cats were spayed/neutered; on Friday, 13 dogs and 7 cats were spayed/neutered.


The first cat to arrive Thursday morning was Sassy, who was found in a cactus at just a day old with eyes still closed. Sassy was bottle fed and raised by Patricia Orner and is now 9 months old.

Tiffany Brown won our dog food raffle. She had her Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix, Elmo, neutered this week, and we expect to see her Rottweiler mix soon!

With the check in process a bit different, we didn’t get to talk to as many people about their pets; however, we did take pictures and posted them on our Facebook page.

Both days brought warmer weather than we experienced earlier in February, but we were still happy to warm up with a cup of delicious coffee from O Jardim Brazilian Cafe, located next to Let’s Go Pet Care. (If you go, try one of their donuts-wonderful and warm!)


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