The cost of FREE (part 1)

A main component of Spay Hampton Roads is the Norfolk Pet Project, a long-term program that provides free spay/neuter to targeted neighborhoods based on income levels and calls to Animal Control. Most publicity for homeless pets focuses on animals at shelters or on the streets, with the goal of finding homes for them.  We are trying to take a step back to get to the root of the issue: that more animals are born than there are homes for. Who can help us get there? The humans charged with caring for these animals. If an explanation of how spay/neuter can save the lives of multiple animals and that the procedure can be done at a cost lower than expected (and sometimes for free), we believe people will decide to have their pet spayed/neutered.

What is the value of FREE, though? Let’s look at the costs associated with PETA’s SNIP and ABC vans, with whom we contract for surgeries. These mobile clinics already offer very reasonable prices for surgeries and general veterinary services for anyone with a pet.

Cat spay/neuter: $40

Dog spay/neuter: $70

$40 can buy 8 packs of cigarettes; $70 can buy a full tank of gas for a large truck or SUV. For the amount of money you might spend on coffee or fast food in a month, you could help your pet and save lives.

While the Norfolk Pet Project provides free spay/neuter for qualifying residents, there is a tangible, immediate ($40, $70) value to that service.


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