March 11, 2011 Clinic

SNIP van at PETA

Our first March clinic and – – –  the clinic van had a flat! Quickly and early this morning, our volunteers sprang to action, calling clinic participants and sending everyone to PETA Headquarters (the clinic was originally to be held at Let’s Go Pet Care). With patience and flexibility, everything ran smoothly, and we had 8 dogs and 11 cats spayed/neutered today.

Kitty & Lenny

One story that particularly touched us was that of Francia Madua. Her daughter saw a man abandon two cats at a McDonald’s. The cats are now with the Maduas, who hadn’t planned to be their caretakers and were very happy we could help them. Though only one of the cats was scheduled for surgery, the clinic was able to fit in both Kitty and Lenny this morning. We are thankful for citizens like the Maduas who act with compassion and take responsibility where others will not.

Fig & Nola

The last patients to arrive were Dachshunds Fig and Nola, who came into Kristin Mauer’s life when the people who bought them decided they no longer wanted to care for them. Kristen suspects they came from a puppy mill and thus has been very vigilant about their health. Both dogs are up to date on their vaccinations and will soon be sterilized, too!

Because of the last minute change in location and ensuing rush to inform everyone of the change, we did not get to talk to too many people or take many pictures. On such a hectic morning, we were glad for the cooperation of the PETA clinic staff and dedication of our volunteers.



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