March 19, 2011 Clinic

Clinic check-in

Our first Saturday clinic produced an outstanding turnout – 26 cats and dogs were spayed or neutered!

We have been enjoying this month’s location at Let’s Go Pet Care and even received referrals from them. Angel McInnis, who found out about us from Let’s Go, was scheduled to bring Joyful (both featured in picture) to be spayed. At check-in, she asked if there was an opening for her other dog, King, who is Joyful’s son.


Angel had prepared both for surgery, and the Neuter Scooter could fit King, so it all worked out. Joyful was named by Angel’s children. Like many pitties, she has a great smile and looked “joyful” to the children.



Carolyn Brothers brought the gorgeous Bam to be neutered. Carolyn’s neighbor, who works at a veterinarian’s office, had been trying to convince her of the many benefits of neutering for some time. Our program sealed the deal, and now Bam should be a little calmer.

Gian Petersen is certainly an advocate for spay/neuter. She has brought more than a few cats to our clinics. She finds these cats around her apartment building, where they have been abandoned. Gian had been paying for the surgeries herself, and is thankful for the help we can provide. She has been able to find homes for some of the cats.

For more pictures from today’s clinic, please visit our Facebook page.


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