April 15, 2011 Clinic

After so many very cold clinic mornings, we are thrilled for warmer, sunny weather! Of course, with the warm weather comes more need for spay/neuter.


This morning we met beautiful Chastity, who found her own home, safe from where her life began: One day, the petite pit bull mix followed a neighborhood girl home. The girl’s mother, Ms. Reid, took the dog back to her owner. The next day, Chastity showed back up at the Reid’s house. She was again taken back to her owner, whose response was to tell the Reids that the dog must want to live with them. Chastity is now Ms. Reid’s baby and being cared for by a friend while she in on deployment.

Those of us in the animal welfare community recognize spring as the beginning of “kitten season,” the time of year when we start seeing kittens EVERYWHERE. We had more community cats on the surgery schedule, but one gave birth this week and another is just about to give birth. Many of today’s clinic participants have seen the results of the large population of unaltered cats.

community cats from Oakdale Farms

The Barnes family of Oakdale Farms brought two cats resulting from litters from a neighbor’s cats. The neighbor refuses to take responsibility for the cats, and as a result, there are many more than these two cats in need of care. As is the case in many of these situations, taking the simple, easy, and FREE (for residents in this community) step of spaying/neutering would have resulted in lives saved by preventing unnecessary births.

Little Dude

Hannah Harbin, our food raffle winner, brought Little Dude to be neutered. This photogenic cutie was found by Hannah’s mom.

Jessica Bates found Callie and Midnight in her backyard when they were about a month old.

Amanda Luther brought two cats, one of whom, much like Chastity, selected her own home: Lady walked onto the Luther’s property and decided to stay. She joined the Luther’s resident cat, Smokey, this morning.

We are thankful for those already participating in our clinics, but we know there are more cats and dogs (but especially cats) out there who should be fixed. If you have participated in one of our clinics, please encourage your neighbors to do so as well.


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