April 29, 2011 Clinic

Spring is here, and our local shelters are filling. It is at this time of year that our message of how spay/neuter can help reduce the number of adoptable animals put to sleep is more important than ever.

Chan Chan

While we often think about unwanted cats and dogs “dumped” at shelters, in some cases, they are literally thrown away: One day a woman heard meows coming from a dumpster. When she looked in, she saw two grey cats. She was close to Let’s Go Pet Care, so she stopped in to see if the staff had any ideas about what to do with them. The cats were in luck! Trista Soave, co-owner of O Jardim Brazilian Café, right next door to Let’s Go, said she would adopt them! These lucky kitties, now known as Tula and Chan Chan, were patients at this morning’s clinic.

So often this is the kind of story we hear from clinic attendees who bring cats for surgery. We are always so appreciative of the efforts made to help these cats in our target neighborhoods (and beyond).


Of course, dogs need help, too!

Augustus Fleming obtained Roxi, who is much prettier than her picture indicates, from friends of a friend who decided to move to a home that would not allow her. Roxi was not properly socialized, so Augustus has been making sure she visits with friends’ dogs and has regular dog park outings. Roxi stays inside, but Augustus doesn’t want to take any chances of her getting pregnant, so he brought her to today’s clinic.

Thank you to all of the people and pets attending today’s clinic. Thank you, too, to the wonderful PETA clinic staff for fitting in an extra dog!

For more pictures of from this clinic, please visit our Facebook page.


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