May 20, 2011 Clinic


The first arrival for today’s clinic was Sue McCarty with Coal and Mittens.  Both cats showed up on the McCarty’s porch last year and have taken up residence at their home. Coal was already an adult and prefers to stay outside, but Mittens was just a handful of a kitten, and the McCarty’s have been able to keep her inside with them. All of their cats have been rescues, and we are thankful they are kind enough to take on these two lucky kitties as well.


Also assisting an animal in need was Joseph Clugston. His dog, Boobie, was abandoned at five weeks old when her family moved away, leaving her alone in the yard. A friend of Joseph’s took her in but could not afford to keep her, so now she lives with him. She is healthy and happy, up to date on her vaccines, and after today, spayed!


Miranda Straight, too, is providing a better life for her dog, Jazz, who lived with an abusive family. The family’s neighbor, a friend of Miranda’s, intervened but could not take Jazz herself. Knowing that Miranda has a big heart and love for dogs, her friend asked her to take Jazz. He is still wary of new people but finally in a safe home.

Mario & Luigi

The last arrivals of the day were two handsome twin tabbies, Mario and Luigi. They almost didn’t make it, because their person’s car broke down. Luckily, one of our volunteers was able to pick them up for surgery.

At today’s clinic, 13 cats and 11 dogs were spayed/neutered. This success is certainly due to the commitment of residents who take responsibility for their own animals as well as the animals in need in their communities. We are also thankful for today’s wonderful SNIP clinic crew!


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