May 21, 2011 Clinic


The first arrival of the day was Blackie the Black Labrador who promptly peed in the pool that Let’s Go had set up for playtime!

As is quite often the case, most of the cats at today’s clinic were strays or abandoned cats lucky enough to have been taken in by members of their community.

Ricky & Gracie

Stacy Boerstoer’s family had three cats, but they had to re-home two of them, keeping only Faith, a beautiful chocolate point Maine Coon mix. The universe must have decided one cat was not enough for them, though, because the next day Stacy came across Gracie while out for a walk. Ricky walked himself over to Stacy’s husband, plopped down, rolled over, and gave him a look that said, “Take me, too!” So, three cats it is!


Oakdale Farms neighbors Scott Hancox and Alan Angevine have taken in cats resulting from neighbors who are not spaying and neutering their own cats. Scott has had Dolly the Calico since she was a baby, and Alan has had Sharky since he was a kitten. Both families keep these two safe indoors.

Today we are thankful for the wonderful weather, efficient Neuter Scooter clinic team, and compassionate Norfolk citizens helping animals in need in their neighborhoods.


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