July 15 2011 Clinic

SNIP truck

Friday morning’s gorgeous weather was a relief from recent heat and humidity. For months now, our clinics have been taking place in the parking lot for Let’s Go Pet CareEggleston Garden Center, and O Jardim Brazilian Cafe. This location is especially nice at this time of year, with so many

Eggleston Garden Center

blooming plants on display in the Garden Center.

Cats and cat caretakers were the stars of today’s clinic! With 18 cats scheduled, all but one cat made it on to the truck for surgery. The one missing cat is a community cat who evaded the trapper’s best efforts.


We were thrilled to see Silverness and her “mom” Judy Nash, whom we met while canvassing one of our target neighborhoods one evening. Silverness was named by Judy’s granddaughter, who proclaimed that the fluffy kitten was “part silver and part princess.”

If you’ve ever wondered about that friendly cat on your street who doesn’t seem to have a home, here is some insight into how those situations develop:


Smokey had been taken in as a kitten by an elderly man with Stage IV cancer. He found her after she had been hit by a car, and he spent a lot of time and money taking care of her. Unfortunately, this kind man died from his cancer in March of 2011. His sister came to clean out his house and found Shadow but could not keep her. The sister did not want to take Shadow to a shelter, so she let her out of the house, leaving her on the streets. Neighbors had been taking care of Shadow, as often happens in these situations, but no one had stepped forward to really take care of her by making sure she was spayed, vaccinated, and on the way to a real home of her own. Luckily for Shadow, Emily Dudley moved to this neighborhood. Emily has worked with her aunt, Nellwyn Beamon, on TNR, and brought Shadow to Friday’s clinic. Emily is also working to find her a new home.

These kittens need homes!

Eight of today’s patients were kittens born to two feral cats but raised from birth by a foster family. The momma cats were scheduled for surgery at

Please adopt me

a previous clinic, but much to their caretaker’s surprise, both cats gave birth the night before! Now the mommas are spayed, and all of their babies are, too. Please see our Facebook page for more pictures of these kittens, who are all available for adoption.



Returning to the clinic was the Kell family, with their Chocolate Labrador, Reese, a “child” of divorce. His people gave him up when they divorced, so the Kells added him to their family. Reese is such a handsome, well-behaved dog, it’s hard to imagine that the couple didn’t actually fight to keep him!

If you reside in one of our Norfolk Pet Project neighborhoods, please help us get the word out in your community. We can provide you with flyers or come talk to your civic league or other neighborhood events. We can always use volunteers, too.






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