Chaining and Aggression: Let ABC Know They Made a Very Bad Choice

Last night’s episode of 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show featured a mastiff/pit bull mix named Twinkie, chained and primed to attack contestants with wrong answers. (Click the second segment in the linked episode to see this part of the show.)

Dogs are pack animals. Like us, they are social creatures who need companionship. Chaining of any dog creates anti-social, aggressive behavior.(1) Furthermore, chained dogs are often abused and neglected.(2) There is nothing to recommend chaining, and to portray a chained dog in this manner is irresponsible programming. If you agree, please let ABC know by contacting them at

(1) Gershman K.A., Sacks J.J., Wright J.C. (2009). Which dogs bite? A case-control study of risk factors. Pediatrics, 4.93, 913–917.

New Mexico Department of Public Safety. (2008). The public safety and human implications of persistently tethering domestic dogs. Report to the Consumer and Public Affairs Committee.

(2) The Humane Society of the United States . (2009). The facts about chaining and tethering.

Other sources:

Dogs Deserve Better

Dr. Michael W. Fox: Concerning the Outdoor Chaining/Tethering of Dogs


One thought on “Chaining and Aggression: Let ABC Know They Made a Very Bad Choice

  1. I am currently writing a letter to ABC to let them know how appalled i was to see that stunt on 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show. Glad to hear there are others out there that feel the same!
    Angela Wood
    Co-Vice President
    New England Bully Breed Club

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