July 29, 2011 Clinic

Pumkin, Tank, and Mooch


Twelve cats and thirteen dogs were spayed/neutered at today’s clinic! Three of the kittens, Pumkin, Tank, and Mooch, were returning patients who were too small for surgery at a previous clinic.

Tobias & Baron

Two attendees who certainly weren’t too small for surgery were Tobias and Baron Berry. Tobias is the excited one, while Baron is just chilling out.


One patient who was less than excited to be at the clinic was Holly, a seven month old Collie/St. Bernard mix. Holly’s family adopted her from a North Carolina rescue organization who saved Holly and her littermates from freezing to death. The puppies were found at ten weeks old, cold and unsocialized, living under a trailer. Holly is still shy around strangers and in new situations but perfectly puppy-like at home!

Holly (and her human family) can rest assured she will be well-taken care of by Dr. Harral, who let us take pictures of her checking a few kittens before surgery.

Dr. Harral with a patient

We look forward to an equally full clinic tomorrow!



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