Apartment Community With No Breed Restrictions

Many animals are turned in to shelters because of lease or rental restrictions, so we would like to highlight a housing community that does not discriminate.

– from Courtney Lehman, Leasing Specialist with Park Crescent Apartments:

Our property is managed by Gumenick Property Management.  We believe that all pets should have a home and that they should not be discriminated against because of breed or weight.  There are many misconceptions about so called “aggressive” breeds, and we would like to be a voice that speaks out for these breeds and let everyone know that they have just gotten bad raps.  It is very unfortunate that many of these breeds are surrendered to humane societies (some kill facilities) when there are other alternatives out there.

** “No breed restrictions” is a fairly new policy for Park Crescent, and they have put in a request for this information to be changed on their website.


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