There’s an App for that: Dogfighting

While we wish this post was about an app for reporting dogfighting, it is instead about an app that supports dogfighting. This is an update on the Android app that teaches people how to fight dogs.

– from Fox News:

Controversial Dog Fighting App Back — And Better Than Ever, Developer Claims

A controversial Android app that takes users into the bloody underground world of dog fighting is back on the market — and getting ready to release an update the game’s developer calls “the biggest yet.”

In the game, players raise and train a virtual dog to become a killer, mauling other dogs in matches and winning virtual cash and “street cred” for each victory. In April, tens of thousands of animal-rights activists joined forces with football star and reformed dog fighter Michael Vick to decry “Dog Wars,” calling it a celebration of cruelty to animals, drugs, guns and murder.

Google agreed, removing “Dog Wars” from its Android Market in late April. 

Today, dog fighting is back. 

Renamed “KG Dogfighting,” the “Dog Wars” app is being updated with advanced dog training levels; more items to train dogs with, including an array of whips; allowing users to buy and use a variety of drugs; and new guns for trainers to use in shootouts with “F.E.T.A.” — a fictional law enforcement agency.

Read more here.

Those of us who have seen the victims of dogfighrting know it is NOT a game. Let Google know how you feel.


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