Community Cats and Neighborhood Heroes

Berkley kittens

Those cats hanging around the neighborhood didn’t get there themselves. Friendly, semi-friendly, or feral, the cats (or their predecessors) were at some point cared for by humans. When those humans no longer care, they leave the cats as the community’s responsibility.

One of our goals is to help people who are stepping up to care for these community cats. In the Berkley neighborhood of Norfolk, Gloria S. is doing just that. Gloria contacted us for help with two adult cats and four kittens. She has been feeding them and wants to be sure they stop reproducing.


So far, we’ve been able to trap, spay, and return two of the kittens – Birdy and Berkley. Birdy is a wild gal, and Berkley is a shy, cautious kitten. Neither is a candidate for shelter adoption, so they are being released back to Gloria’s yard.


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