September 23, 2011 Clinic


14 dogs and 9 cats were spayed/neutered at today’s clinic!

Early arrivals included Cody and Madison, adolescent cats being cared for by the Jones family, who have taken on more than their fair share of responsibility for the abandoned and otherwise homeless cats in their neighborhood. We are happy to help those you are already helping others.


The first trend for today was dogs with “B” names: Bella and Blade, Bear, Bounce, Barker, and Snoopy (aka BooBoo) all arrived for surgery. Bounce was given up by a breeder who no longer felt she was worth keeping.


Luckily for Bounce, the Brooks (another “B” name!) family doesn’t care how much money she can make for them; they just want a loving companion.

The second trend for today was young cats – products of the 2011 kitten season.


Nibiru, a handsome tabby, has joined Christopher Meier in his studies at college. Nibiru is a vocal guy who comes to the sound of a bell ringing. Another young male cat, MacBeth, arrived with his family, including two young children. We think MacBeth must be experiencing more comedy than tragic drama in this busy household!


Pretty, shy Willow came to be spayed after having her own kittens. Her new family, who found her as a stray, is also keep two of her kittens, and we plan to see them soon at a clinic.

Dixie & Abby from Park Place

We were thrilled to see so many participants from our target neighborhoods. Keep spreading the word!

We were also thrilled to be asked about donations. Yes, donations are very welcome. All funding goes directly back to the animals.


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