October 14, 2011 Clinic

checking in


Today’s clinic was an exciting one for many reasons. We had our 1000th animal spayed; we saw residents from our most recently added target area; and, we had a full showing, plus four extra cats, for a very full clinic.

Honey is a BIG sweetie who showed up right on time this brisk morning. She seemed to be enjoying the attention and was hesitant to get on the van. Just before leaving, we saw her recuperating inside. She’s probably home right now, hopefully taking it easy, with Ed and Patches.


We were so happy to see Janis Greer with Boomer and Hemingway from Fairmount Park, one of the newly added target neighborhoods in our program. Hemingway is a cutie, with his big, polydactyl paws and tabby good looks. Boomer and Hemingway are outside strays now being well taken care of: In addition to getting neutered, both received their vaccinations and dewormers.

a very shy Chloe

We always encourage clinic participants to take advantage of the low cost shots and treatments available through our surgery providers, and that is just what Kenneth Hall did for Chloe. He adopted her from not so great conditions and wanted to get her started on heartworm preventive and make sure she was up-to-date on all vaccinations.

Not only did all scheduled people/animals show up for their appointments, the PETA clinic staff took four additional cats from our standby schedule, putting the total number of s/n surgeries at 28!

Zoey & Jack


Of that 28, we had five pairs: Boomer & Hemingway, Maximus & Rocko, Zoey & Jack, Micah & Sadu, and Star & Sissy.

Maximus & Rocko

One of the two seemingly odd couples was Maximus and Rocko, who were adopted by Kyra Smith when their family moved abroad. Kyra hadn’t known the people or the two dogs for very long, but she and her family took on the responsibility of caring for Maximus and Rocko.

The other duo giving us a reason to look twice were Star and Sissy, who are part of a big, loving family. Star didn’t mind waiting in line if it meant belly rubs and hugs from Daniel and David Molaison. Sissy has kittens at home whom we hope to see at another clinic soon.

Star with her fmaily

Micah and Sadu were found at just about a week old by Nhare Payson. Like many of the cats at our clinics, they lucked into finding nice people to care for them.




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