October 21, 2011 Clinic

Ernie Morgan Center

What a beautiful morning to be at the Ernie Morgan Center, the venue for today and tomorrow’s clinics.

The first dog to arrive was Sadie Whitley, lovingly referred to as a mini-Rott for her petite frame. Sadie’s family heard about our program via our mailer. The second dog to arrive was Anabel the Chihuahua. The girls sat side-by-side in crates, waiting patiently for surgery time.

Sadie & Anabel

A few of our participants had been referred by friends who had already had their pets spayed/neutered. Billy Frankart brought Remy, a Corgi/Husky mix. (Remy has already had his surgery and is hanging out with the clinic staff, waiting to go home soon.)

Deirdre Karidan’s neighbor told her about our clinics, and she brought Pappy to be spayed.

Remy meets Mimi

We’ll return to the Ernie Morgan Center tomorrow and are looking forward to a busy morning. See more pictures from today’s clinic on our Facebook page.



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