More Community Cats & Neighborhood Heroes in Berkley

As noted in a previous post, SpayHR chooses to help with cat overpopulation through spay/neuter and not through killing.

Berkley cat

Often people in the community feed free-roaming cats but do not take the more important step of stopping overpopulation. Feeding these cats is a way of caring for them, but it does not address the larger issue. When members of the community decide to take steps to help in a more meaningful way, we assist in whatever ways we can.

Berkley cat

In the Berkely section of Norfolk, Lee Case is trying to control the number of roaming – and reproducing – cats on her street.

We are glad for the opportunity to work with people like Lee, who spend their own time and money to trap, transport, recuperate, and feed cats who were not originally their obligation. Lee is helping not just the cats but her community, taking responsibility where someone else has not.


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