October 22, 2011 Clinic


Once again we were very thankful to be able to hold a clinic at the Ernie Morgan Center. We had a full day of surgeries for 15 cats and 8 dogs.

Sasha came with her friend Blitz, both of whom were found in the Ocean View/Bayview area of Norfolk and taken in by Veronica Ronan. Veronica’s children call them “dog cats” because they get along so well with the canines already residing in the Ronan home. A friend of Veronica’s who came along to help is having his black cat sterilized Friday with PETA for free.

Lyra & Orion

A black cat who needs a home is Orion, who was brought for surgery with Lyra (also available for adoption). Orion and Lyra were born to feral cats but have been socialized. They are still shy around new people but very loving lap cats with a little time and patience. If you are interested in giving both or either a forever home, please contact Emily. Cats from feral or otherwise unsocialized origins can sometimes make the best companions.

For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page.



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