November 18, 2011 Clinic


Once again we were at the beautiful Ernie Morgan Center.

Early arrivals for the morning included Church and Jinx from the Ungar family, who previously brought their dog, Geisha, to a clinic. The Ungars took over care for Geisha, a Pit Bull Terrier, from a family living in military housing with a breed discrimination ban. Lucky for Geisha that the Ungars could provide a bias-free home! It’s always nice to see repeat participants, too.

We were also happy to see more participants from our newly expanded areas. Isabel, Jasmine, Diesel, and Gypsy are all dogs from Fairmont Park. From Ocean View, we saw kitties Sister Suzy and Monkey.


The most relaxed award of the morning had to go to Nevels, a gorgeous Siamese mix. He was taken in by the McVeigh family. Nevels let the clinic staff take him out for a cuddle during check in. He didn’t seem bothered one bit by all of the dogs barking. That’s a cool cat!

Please visit our Facebook page for more pictures.


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