Find the billboard, cont.

We’ve seen another Shelter Pet Project billboard (no picture yet) in Norfolk on Granby Street, right after the bridge and before  Crackers. This billboard features a cute Chihauhau concerned about the size of her ears.

Recently, the Shelter Pet Project added new media to their campaign. There are new billboards, web banners, radio spots, and television commercials.

Though we’ve spotted a few billboards in this area, we’d never seen any of the television commercials until recently on Halogen TV. According to their website, “Halogen is the first and only television network focused on socially conscious entertainment featuring reality-based series, documentaries, films and specials. Our 24-hour schedule highlights humanitarian, eco-entertainment, and pop culture programming.” It’s fitting then to have “Mutts” commercials like Olive and Shemp shown on this network.

Check out Halogen’s 2012 Special Awareness Days Calendar. July 31st is Mutts Day. January 13th is Make Your Dreams Come True Day. Could it be a coincidence that January 13th is also our first clinic for 2012??? Hmm…..

(Yes, it is actually just a coincidence, but pretty cool nonetheless.)



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