January 13, 2012 Clinic

SNip van

Friday 13th brought good luck this morning: 27 cats and dogs were spayed/neutered at our first clinic for the new year!

A number of people who attended the December 17, 2011 rabies clinic followed up with spay/neuter surgery for their pets. With surgery, we were also able to offer booster vaccinations to these returning clients. Today’s clinic continued our Holiday Gift to the Community project, made possible by a grant from the ASPCA.


Mischief Parkour McKnzie-Arivuzu, or Missy for short, returned for her boosters and spay surgery. In the cold, windy weather, she was kept warm by her dad’s jacket over her cage. Missy was found on the beach after Hurricane Irene. She’s safe now.


Another cat who found a safe haven is Tiny, so named for his small size when found last year in the Ocean View Farm Fresh parking lot. According to his family, he was so small, he could fit in a teacup and had to be bottle fed back to health. He’s just just fine now, and his name is more ironic than descriptive!


Kisses is a small dog with a big personality! While waiting for surgery, this fluffy fellow made sure no one got too close to his people. Kisses is more bark than bite, though, and we’re sure he lives up to his name at home. His companion Sky was more relaxed and appreciated some pets and scratches from us.

Norfolk community cats

The Thompson family helped more abandoned cats in their neighborhood. In addition to feeding them, they make sure the cats are spayed and neutered in order to control their population.

Thank you to New Hope Christian Community Center for allowing SpayHR to hold this month’s clinics in their parking lot. Thank you, too, to the PETA clinic staff.

To view more pictures from today’s clinic, visit us on facebook.


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