February 10, 2012 Clinic

Our toes are still thawing from this morning’s cold! Thankfully, the chilly weather didn’t keep any of our clinic participants away, and they waited very patiently during the check in process.


Pearl Woolwine Craig came with her family, who heard about SpayHR from their friend, Michaela Allen. Ms. Allen has been helping the homeless cats in her neighborhood. Pearl’s canine companion, Diva, is too big for the mobile clinic, so she is being spayed at the Norfolk SPCA clinic next week.


Someone who is big, but not too big to fit on the van, is Roscoe. This handsome mix adores his family and stayed close during check in. Roscoe’s feline friend, Gazpacho, was also neutered at today’s clinic.


Another cute pair from the morning was Toad and Otis. Toad is a handsome grey and white long-haired cat whose name just doesn’t seem to fit. His person told us the story: She found an abandoned litter of neonatal kittens and syringe fed them until they could eat on their own. Every time she picked up one of the kittens, he peed on her – just like a toad! The rest of the litter found homes and Toad stayed with his adoptive “mom”. Toad came with Otis the puppy, who received boosters today and will be neutered at a near future clinic.

A big thank you to New Hope Church and Community Center for allowing us to use their parking lot this month.



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