February 24, 2012 Clinic


At our last clinic, we met Toad, a handsome grey and white kitty who had been bottle-raised by the Lewis family. This morning, we met Toad’s sister, Olive, who lives with the Thornton family. Olive doesn’t know she’s a cat, though – she thinks she’s a pit bull terrier!


This pretty girl lives with Sienna and another dog. Sienna is Olive’s canine “mom.” She takes her maternal duties seriously and kept close to Olive in line. Sienna even furrowed her brow with worry when another kitty meowed nervously. Too sweet!


Another canine-feline duo (trio, really) this morning was Irene the tabby and white cat and Doodle the black Pug. Doodle and Irene came with Whoopie, who needs to wait until she’s a little older for surgery.

Whoopie & Doodle

After the low temperatures of the February 10th clinic, we really enjoyed today’s unseasonable warmth.


Sharing the morning breeze with us was early arrival Raymond. This big goof came from a shelter in North Carolina where his name was Rainman. His family didn’t want to confuse him too much, so they kept the sounds of his new name similar. Of course, everybody loves Raymond. His neighbor even says, “Hi,” to him first before going into his own house after work. Raymond lives in one of our more recently added target areas in West Ocean View.


Also from the Ocean View area was Otter, a big-pawed grey and white cat. Otter was abandoned when his people moved. His new caretaker, Scott, would see Otter when walking his dog. Scott saw that Otter was on his own and began feeding him. From there, Otter began to follow Scott on his walks. One day Otter followed him all the way home! Now Otter has a furr-ever family.

For more picture of today’s clinic, visit our Facebook page.


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