TNR coverage on WVEC

Norfolk considers controversial proposal to control feral cats

Christie Chipps Peters of the Portsmouth Humane Society addresses the notion of “controversy” in the story well: “It’s a problem that’s already there and I think that we’re just being able to provide a solution,” she added, “I don’t understand the controversy. to me it’s black and white. you save a life or you don’t.”

Thanks to Norfolk City Council member Tommy Smigiel for voicing his support.

Part of the video segment is filmed at the Lambert’s Point colony near Tortilla West.

Sharon Adams of the Virginia Beach SPCA argues that a TNR effort by the city of Norfolk may encourage residents to abandon their cats That already happens. Residents abandon their dogs, too. Adams also makes the specious argument that feral cats die violent deaths, such as being hit by cars or shot by BB guns. That does happen, as it does to “owned” cats who are allowed to roam.

Ultimately, more TNR support and action would lead to a decrease in the overall population of free-roaming cats and the subsequent intake of these cats by Animal Control.


One thought on “TNR coverage on WVEC

  1. Hi there,

    We are supporters of the TNR program (which is ASPCA endorsed) and looking for your assistance spreading its effectiveness as a humane and effective method to manage feral cat colonies.

    We have done so by creating a parody video to that of “Sexy and I know it” entitled “Furry and I know it.”

    The video is available at:

    We would greatly appreciate it if you could share the video with your community in support of the cause and to create awareness.

    Regards and Thanks
    The Furballs Team

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