March 23, 2012 Clinic

Shy Smokey

It would be hard to have worse weather than we had for the last clinic…and luckily, we didn’t! It was a lovely morning for meeting new people and pets and seeing returning participants.

Smokey the shy grey kitty was the first arrival. His mom, Deborah, recently lost her older dog and brought donations for the Norfolk Pet Pantry in his honor. Thanks!


The morning’s first canine arrival was Rocky, an adorable chocolate brown Shih Tzu who was more than happy to pose for the camera. Rocky’s family hopes neutering him will help reduce his marking in the house and hyperactive behavior. This was a concern we heard more than once and is especially relevant when the weather gets warm and animals begin to mate and reproduce.

Keiree & Talia

Participants heard about our program through a number of sources, including mailed flyers, internet searches, and positive word of mouth.

To see more pictures from today’s clinic, please visit our facebook page. Make sure to “Like” us and “Like” our parent organization, Animal Rescue of Tidewater.


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