April 15, 2012 Clinic


For this morning’s clinic, we were back at the beautiful Ernie Morgan Center. In addition to the familiar setting, we saw some familiar faces. Renee R., who had her girls Miss Pepper and Carmon spayed at the March 23, 2012 clinic, brought her boys Benji and Smokey. We also saw Tricia D. with Kitty. Back in May of 2010 we neutered Tricia’s dog Chibi. From just a month ago to nearly two years (!) ago, it’s wonderful to see returning participants.


We also love seeing pairs of pets. In addition to Benji and Smokey, there were four other pairs of feline friends and one cat-dog duo. Ann F. saved Blaze and Dahlee from terrible conditions. They had lived confined in a bathroom, inexplicably living off beans and rice, and were covered in flees. Ann’s sister found the cats and asked her to take them in. Now these gorgeous girls are in safe hands, though they were a bit stressed in the unfamiliar environment of the clinic.


Someone who was not at all stressed was Tigger, who looked like a zen master sitting quietly in his carrier. His family said their ten year old carries Tigger around the house like a doll. He came to surgery with his canine companion Scooby.


To see more pictures from today’s clinic, please visit our facebook page.


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