April 27, 2012 Clinic

Kit Kat

Woohoo to West Ocean View! After sending postcards to residents of one of our more recently added target neighborhoods, we saw some fresh faces at this morning’s clinic. Ms. Garcia found Kit Kat in her neighborhood two and a half years ago. Back then, Kit Kat could fit into her palm. Now…well, she’s not much bigger! This fluffy flirt is still kitten size.


Another pint size personality from West Ocean View at today’s clinic was Jax. His people found our postcard in their mailbox, too, and contacted us soon after. We hope to see their other dog at a future clinic.

Sara & Tegan

We also met pairs of pets from the neighborhood, including rock star kitties Sara and Tegan. They weren’t too happy to be out and about so early, but they didn’t show it and posed for this cute picture. Continuing on the music theme (it’s a reach)…When in Rome, adopt a pit bull!


Coming from West Ocean View as well was regal Rome. His person heard about us through his previous roommate, who brought Sienna and Olive to our February 24, 2012 clinic. One of our last arrivals from WOV was Domino, who sought some divine intervention in finding himself a home.


Domino was part of a litter that was abandoned when residents moved out. He showed up at the door of a local pastor, who could not keep him but found him a home with the Tatom family.

For more pictures from today’s clinic, please visit our facebook page. Don’t forget to “Like” us!


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