May 4, 2012 Spay/Neuter Clinic


Earl Grey (a target area community cat)

We’re looking for the cats and cat people in our target neighborhoods. We’re so thankful for those we do see, but we want to see (and help) more of you!


Precious is the offspring of an Ocean View cat who remains unspayed. The cat’s owner became tired of the litters of kittens she kept producing and told Ms. Cashion she was going to kill them. As is often the case, this adoption saved two lives. Having Precious helped Ms. Cashion through her mother’s death. When she saw Precious, with her white shoulders (they are hard to see in the picture but distinct in person), she knew it was a sign that Precious was meant to be with her, because her mother’s favorite fragrance had been White Shoulders.


Also participating from OV was Waldo, a friendly English Springer Spaniel. He arrived just before Sasha, an energetic mix who decided that local residents needed a wake up call (in the form of barking). Sometimes you’re just so excited, you can’t hold it in!


Holding clinics in the neighborhoods we serve often makes transportation a breeze for local residents. Leigha was escorted to the clinic by two caretakers on bikes. So cute!

Please visit and “like” us on facebook, where you can see more pictures from today’s and previous clinics.


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