June 1, 2012 Spay/Neuter Clinic


What a gorgeous day for saving lives! One of our first arrivals, a pretty Weimaraner named Jemma, amused herself in the “waiting room” (parking lot) by playing with a stick. Jemma is from one of our more recently added target areas in West Ocean View.


At the end of check in time we met Bella, who is also from the OV target area. Bella’s person actually had an appointment directly through PETA’s Mobile Clinics Division, but when we found out she was eligible to be part of our program, we added her on! Her person was able to use the money for surgery to pay for vaccinations. He told us Jemma came to his family through friends who couldn’t handle her energy. At just seven months old and being an active breed, Bella needs lots of exercise and play time.


It’s important to consider your lifestyle when selecting a canine companion. Sometimes, of course, the the choice is made by chance.

The Charles family found their dog wandering the streets. This Stranger became a part of the family quickly, though. Another “found” dog was Sally, whom we spayed last September. Sally is a Walker Hound who was found starved and covered with ticks out in the country past Franklin. The Mauldin family saw her on the side of the road, picked her up, and gave her the only food they had in the car that morning – glazed donuts (and water). On the way back to Norfolk, the car windows remained down, as Sally was in desperate need of a bath. From 29 pounds, half dead in a ditch, to 53 pounds, safe, loved, and healthy, Sally is a lucky dog. She lives with Sasha, who was spayed at today’s clinic. Sasha came from a puppy mill or backyard breeder: The person who sold her would not let the family come to her house and made them meet her at a gas station; the breeder told the family that Sasha was three months old, but a veterinarian aged her at possibly six weeks. Sasha is also lucky to be with a family who is taking proper care of her.


We’re always happy to see repeat and multiple use participants like the Mauldins. Puppies Jak and Lil Man are the offspring of Fat Boy, who was neutered at a non-mobile clinic because of his size. The feline/canine duo Coco and Ginger came from West Ocean View after their people received a postcard.

A couple of clinic participants asked about volunteering. Yes – Please! In addition to the volunteering opportunities available through ART and SpayHR, one of the best things target area residents can do is simply advocate spay/neuter and our free service in their neighborhoods. We understand that some residents who receive our flyers and postcards or hear about us through their civic leagues may be skeptical about using a mobile clinic. Having people in the community who have participated and can speak up for these services is a great help. If you have had your dog or cat spayed/neutered at one of our mobile clinics, please spread the good word. Contact us for flyers or more information.


Please “like” us on facebook, where you can see more pictures from today’s and previous clinics. Post an update if your dog or cat was spay/neutered, too. We’d love to hear from you.


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