Community Outreach in July

SpayHR and ART volunteers have been out and about in our Norfolk Pet Project neighborhoods, passing out flyers and talking to residents. Within a few days of our efforts last week, we received requests for spay/neuter appointments from at least four residents of Fairmount Park. Yesterday, our scheduling volunteer received an appointment request as we were still canvassing the neighborhood!

Being out in our target communities gives us the opportunity to talk with residents, many of whom have already spayed/neutered their animal companions. Before we even started yesterday afternoon, we encountered Choppy, an already neutered bully breed who was out for a walk with his person. Choppy was rescued from a neglectful home. Later in the evening, we ran into residents who attended one of our clinics earlier this year. They brought their dog, Trinity, to the April 15, 2012 clinic. They let us know that Trinity had bounced back from surgery quickly and is doing well.

This Saturday, July 28, 2012, SpayHR and PBAC volunteers will be attending the East Ocean View Block Party. Come out to meet some dogs and spread the word about responsible pet ownership and free and low-cost spay/neuter in our community.


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