A Different Perspective

At this time of year shelters are particularly inundated with cat intakes. This Facebook post (5/7/13) from the Currituck Animal Shelter/Animal Lovers Assistance League, Inc. reflects an all too common situation:

After getting 14 cats in today, 12 of which were kittens, I just want to remind everyone to PLEASE spay and neuter your pets.

A reply the next day notes that 10 more cats “came in within an hour.” That’s 24 cats within a 48 hour period.

We usually see shelter intake numbers and statistics discussed on a large scale. For example, our Why Spay or Neuter page employs yearly statistics as support for sterilization of companion animals. Breaking shelter intakes down to a daily number, or even a weekly number, though, brings a different perspective to the overwhelming work done by our shelters and rescue organizations.

What do you think? Would you want to see more shelters post this kind of information?





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