If readers ever wondered where the Virginian Pilot’s editorial board stands on TNR, there should be no doubt after October 12, 2013.

Cats are in the environment because people bring them there. People abandon their cats or do not spay/neuter. Instead of pointing fingers, a call for more responNFCD_2013_TWsible, community-minded approach would be a welcome message from our local newspaper.

Any concern for the cats’ welfare would be welcome: What will happen to feral cats in Portsmouth now? Will they no longer enter the shelter? If so, good – feral cats don’t belong in shelters, where their only fate is death. In lieu of accepting these animals, what kind of assistance will be offered and advocated? These questions are not addressed.

The editorial concludes that PHS “chose a different method and now is being investigated by the state. But the revelation has done nothing to resolve the problem of what to do with unwanted animals.” “Revelation[s]” don’t produce resolutions. Education, open communication, and, most importantly, action do.

Reading and Resources

Vox Felina

Alley Cat Allies

Shelters’ Feral Cat Policies are Indicative of Their Commitment to Lifesaving

Feral Cat Resources from the Richmond SPCA

Operation Cat Snip (Newport News)

Jackson Galaxy – Tips and guidance on working with feral cats


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