Legislation to Support (Updated)

Please voice your support for animals with your Virginia General Assembly legislators. Thank them for their support, too. (Everyone likes to be thanked for good work!) To find out who your Delegate or Senator is, use the Who’s My Legislator? Service.*

SB228 – “Bailey’s Bill” – was passed in the Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee and a third reading in the full Senate. It is now headed to the House. SB228 will require those who sell companion animals to be accountable for veterinary costs. The bill also requires disclosure of breeder information. This component of the bill is particularly targeted at “pet stores” selling out of state “puppy mill” animals. Currently, these sellers do not disclose the breeder until the customer has paid. In the Committee hearing, the bill was described as pro pet and pro consumer. The only dissenting opinion came from the Virginia Federation of Dog Clubs and Breeders. Please contact your Senators to thank them for their overwhelming support and your Delegates to urge them to support this bill, too.

Two bills in the House and Senate concern fox penning. SB42: Fox or coyote; penalty for any person to erect or maintain an enclosure for purpose of hunting, etc. is in the Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee, which includes Puckett (Chairman), Hanger, Watkins, Ruff, McEachin, Petersen, Stuart, Marsden, Stanley, Miller, Ebbin, Cosgrove, McDougle,Wexton, and Lewis. SB42 will be heard in committee Thursday, 2/6/14. If you can attend this event, please come! The Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee meets in Senate Room B half an hour after the full session has ended, so the exact Committee meeting time cannot be predicted. It’s recommended that you arrive by noon and plan to be finished by 3:00PM. Please ask your Senators, especially if they serve on this committee,  to support SB42.

HB1188: Animal fighting; money paid for admission to certain premises, etc. has been assigned to the House Courts of Justice Sub-Committee: Criminal Law, which includes Bell (Chairman), Albo, Cline, Gilbert, Miller, Villanueva, Morris, Adams, Watts, Herring, and Mason.

HB972 includes animals in protective orders and has been assigned to the House Courts of Justice Sub-Committee: Criminal Law. This bill came out of the the Sub-Committee by a 5-4 vote: YEAS (5) — Bell, Robert B., Cline, Morris, Watts, Herring. NAYS (4) — Gilbert, Miller, Villanueva, Adams. Please thank those who voted for this bill. If your Delegate voted against it, please let him know you are disappointed. HB972 is now headed to the House Appropriations Committee, which includes Jones (Chairman), Ingram, Cox, Landes, O’Bannon, Lingamfelter, Poindexter, Massie, Scott, Peace, Greason, Knight, Anderson, Garrett, Stolle, Joannou, Brink, Howell, BaCote, Dance, Torian, and Hester.

SB622 would create a statewide spay/neuter fund. This bill is dead for the year. We encourage you to still support Senator Stanley’s efforts to help animals and hope this bill will come up again next year.

* We have local legislators on these sub- and committees. If you are in their districts, it is especially important that you let them know you are a constituent and you support animals.


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